Toy Design

The Uncommon Sense toys are Interactive Sensory toys that encourage social interaction among children with Autism. The toys are designed to aid collaborative play (play with others). The toys respond to a childs actions, gestures and voice with sensory feedback like sound, light, and vibration. Some feedback can be triggered by two people when they play together. Through play with these toys children begin to realize that playing with others can be fun.

The toys are currently being developed with ASHA- Academy for severe handicaps and Autism at Basaveswaranagar, Bangalore. We are conducting a research study under the guidance of Dr. Vijaya, St. Johns Hospital, Koramangala, Bangalore. The objective of the study is to evaluate the impact of the toys on various developmental areas: Motor, Cognition, Sensory etc. And to understand how through play children can be motivated to interact.

Toy No. 1: Orientation

OPEN  and the lights blink.
TILT and the light flow in the direction of the tilt.
PAT and the lights blink.

Toy No. 2: Touch

STRETCH away from each other and the light glow mildly.
MOVE towards each and the lights blink quickly.
TOUCH hands and the toy vibrates.

Toy No. 3: Expression
When the toy is right side up. 
CLAP/ tap/ shout and the lights blink.

When the toy is Upside Down.
BEND the fins and the toy plays notes. Both fins have to be bent at the same time in order to sound. 
MOVE the handle from one extreme to the other changes the pitch( higher-lower) of the notes produced when both fins are bent.

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  1. I wish you had big light in the big middle part of the toy.